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ForkArt Jewelry as Unique as You
I’m passionate about creating wearable art that will bring a smile to your face, last a lifetime and possibly even become a family heirloom passed down for generations.

Why Wear ForkArt Jewelry - Forkin’ Cool!
Designing jewelry has given me another method to let my artistic abilities shine. I like to think of my pieces as artwork first, jewelry second. Offering artistic timeless jewelry that anyone can enjoy, no matter what age or gender. I love being creative and making something Forkin’ Cool out of something that most people discard. I also feel productive recycling/upcycling old silverware and turning them into beautiful shiny pieces of wearable art! But most importantly is how people feel when they wear it.

So beautiful, and well made. Love it so much, I couldn't give it away as I planned. I had to buy my friend another.
                                                          — K. Judd

My Background
As a designer, a craftsperson and an artist, I have a unique ability to take raw material, visualize the design and create unique, authentic, handcrafted art. I’m an artist of many mediums. I’ve been a performing musician since childhood, playing keyboards and guitar at various venues to this day. I’ve been a professional graphic designer for Fortune 500 companies as well as a freehand artist for two decades, with my specialty being highly-detailed pen and ink house portraits. Now I can add jewelry designer to my resume, having handcrafted thousands of pieces over the years.

I now have several pieces of your work, and love what you do with sterling! Two bracelets plus now this beautiful pendant. So pleased to see your work at the Majestic Theater. I bought another piece there on Sunday.
                                                          — D. Reid

This bracelet is truly a work of art. It fits my wrist so comfortably… like it was made just for me. It felt great the second I put it on. It's even more stunning in person. The work on this piece is outstanding. I may never take it off! I'm very happy with my purchase. And you will be too!
                                                — K. Gauger

Custom Orders
Would you like to have a custom piece of jewelry made from your heirloom silverware? On a limited basis, time permitting, I'd be thrilled to turn your unused silverware into artwork that you can wear! Please send me a message for more information. Also let's connect, it would be great to get to know you on Facebook or Instagram!

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