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Ring created from an antique sterling silver cocktail fork. Please know your size. This will be custom made for you once ordered. Each piece will be created with hand tools and will vary slightly. If needed, this ring can be sized by your local jeweler.


***Please know your approximate size. I will ship by the size you order and can be adjusted by your local jeweler if needed.



Sextopus (octopus) fork ring

  • Materials

    • Sterling silver cocktail fork


    Size (approx)

    • 1.15" (widest part of the ring)




    • Each piece is uniquely handcrafted therefore your item will look very similar to the design shown but no two pieces are exactly alike

    • Recycled/upcycled silverware

    • Polished to create a high shine

    • Pieces might have slight dings or scratches due to the bending process and normal wear of flatware

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