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The “Manchester Southern Rose” pattern draws in the eye with its multiple flowers. The pretty floral pattern spreads out to a mermaid tail, skillfully hammered from a sterling silver spoon. This pendant gives off a hint of seaside romance and mystery.


***Chain NOT included***

Whale/Mermaid Tail and Roses Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Materials

    • Sterling silver teaspoon


    Size (approx) height x width

    • 1.5" x 2"

    • 38mm x 52mm


    • Each piece is uniquely handcrafted therefore your item will look very similar to the design shown but no two pieces are exactly alike
    • Recycled/upcycled silverware
    • Polished to create a high shine
    • Pieces might have slight dings or scratches due to the bending process and normal wear of flatware

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